About Us

School is a place where one learns the importance of knowledge and its unimportance.

J. Krishnamurti

Pathashaala (PCFL-KFI)

Pathashaala, the youngest of the Krishnamurti schools situated in Elimichampet village (80 Km from Chennai), attempts to bridge the urban and the rural and aims to foster individual autonomy and encourages intelligent coexistence with nature.

In a tranquil atmosphere with distant hills and fresh breezes, the staff and students are invited to an environmentally sustainable way of living. The campus uses energy sparingly and is designed with solar energy, windmills and biogas. Pathashaala is sensitive to the use and pollution of water and is committed to ecological sanitation. The campus, with zero black water effluent, is designed with dry composting toilets for all residents and visitors. There is adequate vegetation with carefully planted trees, and herbs. There are over 100 bird species, over 70 butterfly species and 35 grasses seen on the campus.

our history

The Vallipuram project grew out of this journey of The School, a journey of exploration in education, a possibility for the future. It crystallised as Pathashaala in 2010 and became an independent unit of KFI in 2012.

A detailed history of the early years of the project is available here


K’s philosophy is foundation to the school. Management of his/her experiences is in their own hands. Moreover, K said, “One who asks the question will often find the answer by himself/herself. That requires an attitude polished of curiousity

Mohit Singh

They are called Learner-Educators (LEs). We learn a lot from our students. Time and again I have been pleasantly surprised by the simple and useful solutions from discussions with LEs.

Mohit Singh

Personally, I feel that Pathashaala is a very good school in that it has an environment most accepting of all who come and is quite inclusive. It strives to build and nourish curiosity, an enquiring mind and sensitivity to others, to nature and a rather profound understanding of the global condition.

Mohit Singh