Pathashaala works with a mixed age structure that fosters natural, wholesome and healthy interaction among children of varying ages. In such a structure, older and younger children learn from one another as well as teach each other. The teacher functions as a facilitator, seeding and sustaining creative processes of learning as well as nurturing self regulation and initiative among children. Observation, reading, writing, discussion, listening, questioning, individual & collaborative exploration are the modes of engagement and learning.

The subjects studied in middle school include English, Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies (History & Geography) and a second language (Hindi or Tamil). The middle school years will be time for an explorative, deepening learning that will widen the students’ awareness of the world, and strengthen the foundation for academic and social responsibility. Physical activity, craft and art, dance, field visits to historically and environmentally significant places are growing as part of the spectrum of school experience.

Working on the land; learning to be by oneself and experiencing creative conversations, among other aspects, form an important part of education.

Examinations & Certification

The school is a registered Cambridge International School and prepares students for the IGCSE, AS and A level Examinations. Learner – Educators are also supported for NIOS exams as and when needed.