Learning Spaces:

Parijaat & Thamarai

Spacious, airy L-shaped classrooms and laboratories for the three streams of sciences and computers offer scope for varied structuring of the class. The library designed for reading, research and information access is located in the Admin & Library block

Assembly hall

Pathashaala has an open assembly area behind the admin building and an indoor circular assembly space and art/craft area.

Student Accommodation

DRONGO, KESTREL, ORIOLE, IORA, KOYAL, IBIS are designed for 15 to 18 students each. The hostels are spacious with areas for work and play together with courtyards, and common spaces. There are shared bathrooms and toilets in each hostel. 3 hostels are for girls and 3 for boys. Each hostel has attached accommodation for the House Parents.
There are 5 hostels for Class 11 and 12 students, each housing 5 students.

Staff Housing

Staff residences, in addition to dorm accommodation for House Parents, are situated close to the hostels. The campus can house about 30 adults in residence.


The spacious dining hall, the space outside and the cooking and cleaning activities offer many contexts for interaction, participation and graciousness. It is a very special venue where children and adults learn to eat without wasting, participate in simple serving and cleaning activities and sit together, younger and older, at round tables sharing nutritious meals and conversations as equals. It is the one venue where all meet and share a meal irrespective of age, work or role, the village resident and the city dweller. It is one of the contexts in Pathashaala where one learns to be a global citizen.