Water conservation practices

Pathashaala helps all residents use water carefully. The waste water from the kitchen is purified by the Phytoid system before being raised for kitchen gardens or used for recharge.

Hands in the soil

The kitchen gardens produce organic rice and some vegetables. Educator – Learners and Learner – Educators are involved in this activity through seed casting, transplanting and in other ways.

SOLAR ENERGY from PV (Photo-Voltaic)

Pathashaala commenced with solar energy for all lighting in living areas, dining hall and pathways using LEDs. This has served the campus and its residents very well. Not a day has Pathashaala been without lights, even on days of cyclones and heavy rain and winds.Thanks to its association with Selco (P) Ltd, Pathashaala today is off the grid in the 6 major dorms and Learning Spaces.


Pathashaala has entered into an MOU to work with IIT Madras to set up a Solar thermal power unit on its campus. In Phase 1 the project has demonstrated that superheated steam can be produced. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in the calendar year 2019 and will demonstrate the use of superheated steam for power generation, steam for cooking and cleaning purposes, use of waste heat for air-conditioning, cold storage and many other purposes as well. The project also hopes to upload some energy to the grid.

Pathashaala buildings are designed to remain significantly cooler during the summer with wardha tumbler roofing and domes. No air conditioners are used in the campus.

Dry Toilets

Pathashaala has been designed as a zero black water campus using Urine Diversion Dry Composting Toilets (UDDT).

We had to look for new options during phase 2 of construction as Shital Cera stopped manufacturing these toilet bowls. Several designs have been created and installed in dormitories, guesthouses, senior dorms and admin & library block. These are being used satisfactorily not only by over 100 students and 20 staff members, but by visitors and parents during their visit to Pathashaala.

October 2nd, Gandhi Jayanti is a special day in Pathashaala. All residents join in harvesting compost from the dry toilets and offering the to the plants on the campus. Any schools and individual visitors visit Pathashaala to share in this special effort of closing the sanitation cycle without any sewage water.

Pathashaala is happy to share these details with interested institutions and organisations. We request that if this design is replicated, it carry the label BASED ON THE DESIGN OF Pathashaala, Palar Centre for Learning, KFI, India.